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Our Facilities

Our language school uses excellent facilities specifically designed to meet the requirements of both pupils and teachers. Two lightly coloured rooms, with a garden view, are used for weekly courses (teaching e.g. English, German, Swiss German, Spanish, etc.). These are connected through a corridor with toilets and washing facilities. The rooms are nicely equipped with desks and boards to meet the needs of elderly children, and with cosy sitting areas, soft carpets, for smaller children. One of the rooms also harbours a small kitchen, which is used for creative work. The school offers access to a rich range of books for different age groups.

The premises are located at Rue du Borgeaud 16 centrally located in Gland with good access by foot, by car, with good parking facilities, with more than 30 “blue zone” sites in the immediate neighbourhood, and by public transport (bus stop in front of the building). Four cafés/tea rooms are in the vicinity of the school together with shops, hairdresser, chemist’s, etc. The nearby Eikenott Centre hosts several shopping facilities, including COOP.