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Atelier Polyglotte in Gland - Langues pour enfants

Mastering different languages is the key to access a richer and open world, both professionally and privately. The best time to learn languages is when you are young. Young children especially have a remarkable ability to acquire and retain a new language. Moreover they have no fear in making mistakes. In fact, after the age of 10-12 years the neuronal connections are established in relation to personal experiences. It has been shown that social linguistic interaction is a particularly important component in language learning.

The region where we live is unique with a multi-national population, which offers fantastic opportunities to get daily exposed to many different languages.

Therefore, l'Atelier Polyglotte has developed an agenda for children between 3 and 14 years to benefit from the opportunity to learn different languages:
English, German, Swiss German, Spanish, French, and Chinese, through both informal and formal methodologies, where social interactions will play a key role.

The school offers:

Weekly 60 minutes courses, all levels

- Smaller groups of 5-9 children

- Playgroups for toddlers less than 4 years old

- Workshops/stage during the school holidays.

- Home courses for smaller groups (6-7 children) and individuals are also available

- Native speaking teachers with several years of experience in Education

- Most courses are held in the school

- Development of oral and writing skills, depending on age group

- A cultural programme integrating the annual cycle of seasons and festivities linked to the language group      traditions (e.g. Carnival, Halloween, Christmas & Easter)

A one free of charge course trial with no further commitment on your part

We invite you and your child to discover a new world through learning one or several languages!